The Experience

The Experience

At Loxwood, we’re proud to bring you all the magic of the big screen with our classic drive-in cinema experience, which adheres to social-distancing measures.

You can expect cutting-edge sound, high-definition cinema screens, a diverse selection of films, plus an on-site food and drink delivery service that delivers directly to your car, contact-free. So you can sit back and enjoy the ultimate drive-in movie screening, while staying completely safe.


Loxwood Drive-In Movies will combine the best of outdoor, high-definition LED cinema screens along with crystal-clear sound, delivered through a dedicated FM transmission to each individual in-car stereo system. So you’ll see and hear every word of the film you’ve come to experience – and you’re in control of the volume.

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It just wouldn’t be a classic drive-in movie experience without comfort food and drink, and we’ve curated an exceptional menu for our moviegoers. Simply order via our app using your smartphone and we’ll prepare your meal, while adhering to strict hygiene measures. Once it’s ready, we’ll zoom it over to your car for you to enjoy, contact-free.



Our drive-in movies offer a fantastic cultural experience without compromising on safety. Cars will be parked 3m apart, so if you need to use the toilet, you’ll have plenty of space to avoid contact with anyone else. Naturally our bathroom facilities will be managed and sanitised regularly, with individual units spaced at least 2m apart. You’ll find hand sanitisers inside by the sinks, for an extra level of reassurance.

Still got questions? Check out our Loxwood Drive-in Movie FAQs page for a more in-depth explanation of how it works.

2m social distancing